About Me

I had the privilege to hear the Gospel and recieve my salvation by faith on the Lord Jesus Christ in the church where Tudor Popescu ministered. When I joined the church he was gone to be with the Lord. The brothers and sisters of this denomination were a great example of steadfastness and denial of wordliness. Later I came to the United States and I studied theology. 

I hold a reformed view of soteriology and pre-mil, pre-trib escathology. I have a good grasp of history of philosophy, but with a critical approach. I love history, biographies, and more than anything else the Bible in the large context of the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Greco-Roman civilizations, including the particular context of every book and chapter. I major in the theology of Romans, which is foundational for the New Testament theology, presenting salvation from God’s perspective. The most elaborate expression of the doctrines of grace is in the Romans epistle.
I reject the pop culture which is Neopagan, including its music, as well as Christian rock music which is a heresy and an oxymoron.



  1. Hello,

    I was directed here by a commenter on my blog and am reading your pdf about Reformation within EOC. Very interesting.
    It is appreciated.
    I am wondering if you know Josef Tson – he’s been to my church a few times and the next time he comes I’m going to try to really get some time with him to quiz him about the EOC in Romania, among the true cradle EOx.

    Grace and peace,

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